Make Sure You Know These Key Terms Before You Ever Think Of Blogging

Most aspiring bloggers are still confused about the terms, “website, domain, hosting, blog”. Though they’re different but are to a large extent connected in one way or the other. If you’re really serious about creating an online presence for yourself, the above words matters a lot.

Many times, I often get questions like,
“How do I start my own blog?”
“Should I go to Google to create a website?”
“What is a domain name?”

If you’re among this group of people, you’re not alone. I have been more clueless than you are right now. As confusing as it may seem, they are very easy to comprehend. After reading this post, your confusions will be gone.

What does a blog or website mean?
Many people are usually confused about these two terms (blog and website). I’ll try and explain it in a way you’ll easily understand.


Don’t be confused, a blog and a website are almost the same with just a slight difference. A blog is accessed through a web address e.g. It is a weblog that a blogger lists his posts in a chronological order i.e. according to the date of publication. A blog can be easily created with Blogger or WordPress. Examples of a blog are Linda Ikeji’s blog,,, etc.
A blog should be regularly updated with quality contents to make it successful. I know you have questions, you’re free to ask after reading the full post.


Now that you understand what a blog is, what then is a website?.
Like I previously said that they’re almost the same, a website is also accessed through a web address.

A website (also site) is a static web page that it’s content is not usually changed. A website consists of homepage that displays content from several sections of internal website pages. A design portfolio of work. A blog might also be part of a website, but in a different page that can be accessed through a link from the home page. An example of a website is

Domain Name

Everyone has a name, so does every websites and blogs. A domain is used to identify a website from the other. An examples of domain are,,, etc.
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Web hosting is just like a plot of land where your website is built. A website or blog requires hosting.
A website will need to be uploaded in a web hosting service for people to be a able to view it.

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Make Sure You Know These Key Terms Before You Ever Think Of Blogging

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