Introduction To Blogging

Module 1

[You are about reading the first module of my blog training series. Read about the details here]

Introduction to blogging

What you will learn in this module:

  • Meaning of blog and blogging
  • Types of blog
  • Benefits of blogging

The word “blog” is shortened from the phrase “weblog”. It is known as many things—a digital magazine, diary, newscast, collector’s meeting place, a showcase for your art, information sharing, teaching hub, place to learn and… well, almost anything you want it to be. A typical blog combines text, images, videos and links to relevant pages and media on the Web. Blog readers can leave comments and communicate with the author. In fact, dialogue and interaction are a popular part of a blog’s success.

In the blogging world, you have the word “blog” (an online journal), “blogger” (the person who owns and contributes to a blog) and “blogging” (the act of creating content for the blog).

One of the great things about blogging is the impact it has made on communication throughout the world. Blogs can report news as it happens, hold mainstream media to higher standards and provide specific news and information to meet niche interests.


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