5 Reasons Your Blog Will Not Last A Year

The rate at which people are rushing into blogging these days is alarming. This is what Linda Ikeji and her Banana Island mansion have caused. God help us.
Don’t get me wrong, blogging is fun and very good if you’re focused and know why you’re blogging. On the other hand, blogging is not for everybody. That’s the truth, and most people go into blogging for the wrong reason — to make quick money.
Blogging takes time, patience, focus, zeal, creativity, passion… If you don’t possess these qualities, my bro, Banana Island is very far from you if that’s where you’re going.
If you just started blogging or you’re planning to start, here are some reasons I think you may die before the next year.

1. You are in to make quick cash.

Let me bring in Linda again. She’s the reason why most people are into blogging today. They want to be like her and make money like she does and forgetting the fact that Linda Ikeji started her blog 9 years ago and it was until after 5 years she started earning from the blog. So if you’re into blogging to make quick money. Abeg, think again.
You might have seen different testimonies of people making money from their blog in just a short period and you take that as a motivation, it’s good but believe me, 99.9% are lies. Some Will be like “How I made $1000 from my 2 weeks old blog”. They’re actually giving fake testimonies to entice you and sell you the information of how they made or make quick money. It is after buying it you discover it’s a trash that deserves a dustbin. The only way they make money is of course the trash they sell to you.
In conclusion, you can sure make money from blogging if you give it time and do it right. Bloggers like, Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog, Abass Toriola of WebIncomePlus, Akaahan Terungwa of NoToPoverty all make money online. But they made some effort took their time. So wake up man and do some work before thinking of money.

2. You chose the wrong niche.

This is a very common mistake. I once made it too, so you’re not alone. A niche is the major topic you want to blog about, which can be health, sport, lifestyle, etc. Your chosen niche can make or mare your blog. If you don’t choose correctly, there are chances you will loose interest blog may not last a year or even six months. I wrote a post on 3 questions you must ask yourself before choosing a niche. You should check it out if you’re just starting your blog.

3. You are not original

What I mean as not being original here is that all your post or most of them are copy and paste.
Many bloggers are guilty of this, especially the entertainment bloggers. This may be the reason you’re not getting visitors. There’s no way I’ll re-read a post I’ve read from another blog.
Another thing you should know is that Google— the number 1 search engine, hates plagiarism (copy and paste). If you make Google hate your blog, then you know what it means. It means your blog will not be index by Google, Adsense will never approve your blog, and even advertisers will not even notice you. So why then are you blogging? You’re definitely going to pack up.
If you are a “copy and paste” blogger, make a U turn now before your blog starts crumbling.

4. You don’t have writing skills

Blogging is not for bad writers. Though you don’t need to have a doctorate degree in English Language to become a blogger, but you should be able to express yourself clearly. There’s no way you’ll attract visitors when they can’t comprehend what you’re writing. I once saw a link on Facebook that attracted me, I followed the link to read the full post but I couldn’t finish reading it because of the bad structure. At a point I even thought I was reading French.
Learn how to write well before becoming a blogger.

5. You are too lazy or busy

Blogging requires commitment and consistency. Though it may be difficult to frequently publish new post every week if you have an office job. The best thing to do here is to create a workable plan, a schedule or better still, forget about blogging for the main time.

If you’ve read this and you’ve seen that your blog is obviously heading to the grave, you don’t have to give up. You just have to work on the points that may affect your blog. And most importantly, you need a mentor, someone to guide you so you won’t be heading for the bush. That is why you should join my mailing list if you’re not yet a subscriber.

I so much like the saying that, no man is an island of knowledge, I would like to see your comments and probably include the points I’ve left out.

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    1. You’re right bro. I’ve seen so many blogs like that. They don’t have a particular niche, they just blog about anything that comes their way.
      Thanks for dropping by Korex. And you’ve got a nice blog.

  1. Hi Julius,

    I so love this awesome entry of yours…my reason? It treats an issue that is so dear to my heart: blogging.

    It’s rather unfortunate that newbies, especially Nigerian newbies, all have a way of getting it wrong when it comes to the art of running a profitable blog that makes them money month in, month out. Tired of seeing trashy blogs without any future, I created the ‘Smart Bloggers Academy’ (SBA) – which till date has remained a bestseller and permit me to add: time and destiny saver too!

    Back to the meat of this entry:

    Aside the points you listed above, some of the challenges that newbie bloggers face (and fail to tackle) include:

    1. Poor monetization plan…it’s sad to see how Adsense still fools many 🙂
    2. Complete absense of a product to sell or service to render….how then will the money be made online? By 419?!
    3. Failure to identify the target audience and it’s core needs…blogging for the whole world is quite a silly idea.
    4. Blogging without passion or proper knowledge of the niche and
    5. A failure to blog with an idependent voice and supreme authority – amongst a ton of other equally vital challenges that time and space will not permit me to mention or elaborate here.

    Sincerely, I appreciate your efforts in helping the newbies who are still clearly confused…I also thank you specially for the very kind mention – I honestly appreciate.

    Do enjoy the day – and be certain to make it great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    1. Hi Ruth,
      It’s a good thing you are interested to start your own blog. Your love for writing is an incentive that you’ll be a good blogger. I love good writers.
      Since you’re still clueless about this blogging thing, I’ll advise you start your blog with blogger.com. Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google. Thats what Linda Ikeji use.

      Just go to blogger.com and register an account. You’ll need a gmail account to do this.
      Don’t hesitate to contact me.
      I’ll be glad to work you through every step

  2. i love your write up, i have a blog too , i created it last year but i dont know how to make money with it. can you you help me ?…

    1. Hi Omolara,
      There are different ways to make money on your blog depending on your chosen niche. You should try applying for Google AdSense it’s one of the best way for most niches. Other ways depends on your type of blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

  3. I must commend you for what you have been writting and teaching people here and many people in Nigeria especially do not understand the basics of Seo and how it should be used anyway am no SEO expert but with my research i do help many bloggers and i have a new blog also you can check it out and am doing my best to make it optimised for SEO and i see you too should work on yours and most of your traffic do come from Nairaland and blog commenting. Many bloggers in Nigeria are very lazy to write and the worst is they cannot even modify the content they will just lift it to their blog straight without even giving credit to the source because they want to claim it and one thing i notice is they do succeed more than the ones writting it especially new blogs but i will encourage new bloggers like me to forget competition and create quality for ourselves surely people will trust us.
    Hope Praise.

  4. Good Evening, Merry Christmas! Thanks for such nice write up, and also for such vast knowledged shared. I’ve read several of your thread on Nl, and I’ve quietly learnt few things from your vast ideas about blogging. Please I want you to Mentor me on blogging, to not be led wrongly in as much I know what it takes becoming a blogger. You can email me to enable me ask you some questions, and to also discuss with you . Thanks. Beloved Desmond.

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5 Reasons Your Blog Will Not Last A Year

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