3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Niche

If you’re wondering what a niche is,a niche is a particularly focused topic which you want to blog about. Your niche may be on sport, health, fashion, entertainment, news, etc.

The blogging arena is now being populated. More people are becoming bloggers everyday. Most people are into blogging because they want to make quick money and buy their own Banana Island mansion. lol. So they just rush into it and start copy and pasting. Blogging is more than that. Don’t believe otherwise. 

Not choosing the right niche is the biggest mistake starters make. Have you ever felt like giving up on your blog? That’s probably because you chose the wrong niche. You should be passionate about what you’ve chosen to write/blog about.


Though, it is true that your chosen niche is something you’re passionate about, something you have a wide knowledge about, but you should know that some niche monetize better than others. Yes monetization should be part of your consideration in choosing a niche.

How then do you choose a niche?

How do you know which one is best for you? Read on.

Ask yourself these 3 questions before choosing a niche.

1. What are you interested in and can write very well about?

Everyone has things they love. It may be pets, gardening, cycling, painting, taking pictures (creative pictures) etc.

Just find that particular thing you’re interested in and have a wide knowledge about. If you’re interested in personal fitness, you know a lot of exercises to keep people fit or you can train people on how to keep fit. Then you have your niche. Asking yourself this first question, you should have a few niches to choose from unless you’re not interested in anything, which i don’t think is possible.

2. Are other people interested in them?

You are writing for people to read them, so it is very important to know if people are interested in the topic or not.

let’s say for example, you’re interested in circling, you love riding bicycle, you know all about the technical aspect, the chains, tires, pedals, and you can write very well about them. Now tell me, you think Nigerians are interested? You think you’ll get visitors? I don’t think so. maybe one or two.

So knowing people’s interests is a vital consideration in choosing a niche.

You can use Google Adwords keyword planner to do a research on how much people are interested in a keyword related to your niche. I’ll be writing more on that in my next post. Watch out!!!

3. Can you monetize your chosen niche?

This one is very important if you plan to make money from your blog which I think everybody does including me.

If anything can be bought related to your niche, then you can make money from your blog. i.e If you’re a tech blogger, tech products are related to your niche and can be bought online. If you’re a health blogger, health products are related to your niche and can be bought online. If you’re a fashion blogger, cloths, shoes, bags and many fashion products are related to your niche and can be bought online.

You’ll be able to find an affiliate program where these things can be bought from. You can join Konga Affiliate Program or Jumia Affiliate Program. There are also few affiliate programs that accepts Nigerians. Amazon is one of them.

Thank you for reading.

Do you have any question concerning this topic or you would like to add to it. I will like to hear your opinion. Feel free to drop your comments.

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About the Author: Julius Yamah

Hi! My name is Julius Yamah and I am the founder, writer, and designer behind Blogging Plan. I'm a graduate of Mass Communication. I love blogging and I've learnt a few things about blogging over the years. That's the main reason I set up this blog to teach new bloggers the basics of blogging. You can always contact me here


  1. Hi Julius,

    You have awesome points – and I must agree.

    However, you must note that the ability to be consistent in a chosen niche is also a very important factor that must be taken into keen consideration – else, failure and inconsistency are just by the corner.

    …sadly, online, consistency is key.

    I love the way you started this site…kindly keep it up and you’ll go places 🙂

    Enjoy the day!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    1. The one and only Akaahan Terungwa. So nice to see your comment on my blog.
      Thanks for the additional point. That’s why one must have a great interest in his chosen niche to avoid loosing focus.
      Thanks again. I’ve learnt a few things from your blog.

      1. Julius, you’re an NTP reader? That’s good to know!

        I hope the few things you learnt on my site were good and helped? 🙂

        It’s my sincere pleasure connecting with you…you write well.

        Akaahan Terungwa

  2. Hi Julius,

    Thanks for dropping by on my blog; and I must also commend your effort on here. This is the first time I would be visiting your blog, and the contents are awesome.

    This blog post shares the same view as my latest blog post. It’s very important that bloggers conduct a proper analysis of the niche the would like to blog about before venturing into it fully. Lack of proper analysis would result into frustration when the traffic and money isn’t coming in as expected.

    Thanks for sharing this again.

    PS: I think your readers would benefit from the how to go about answering these questions you’ve listed here, if you mention my blog recent blog post, because I shared some pictorial guide on the process.

    Kind Regards.

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3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Niche

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